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Fields of Activity

Thanks to our years of experience and expertise in the industry, we constantly work to provide the best service to our customers and achieve excellence in each of our jobs.

"The quality and reliability of the services we offer are among the most important values of our company."

Denizde Kargo Gemisi


Supply Solutions

The management of all operations including the entire door-to-door or factory-to-service logistics is carried out for the product groups requested according to customer needs.


In order to provide tailored solutions to our customers' needs, we gather all logistics and customs operations under one roof. This provides a means to meet all our customers' international sourcing needs. At the same time, we use the most up-to-date technologies and methods to optimize logistics processes and reduce costs.

At every stage, customer satisfaction and cooperation is our priority. We are always ready to offer the most suitable and effective solutions to our customers. This is an important step to ensure the success of our customers and we undertake and manage the entire door-to-door logistics process from the factory to the service area for the requested product groups in line with the needs of our customers.


Global Logistic Solutions



Packaging Solutions

Design and production services for packaging products across various sectors, tailored to meet customers' requests.

Cardboard product boxes, plastic food packaging, all label groups, aluminum foil, ice cream containers and cornets.


The production process of various packaging products such as cardboard product boxes, plastic food packaging, all types of labels, aluminum foil, ice cream containers, and cones is carried out by combining modern technology with the latest industrial standards. Our company provides services tailored to our customers' needs across many sectors in terms of packaging requirements.

Especially in the food and beverage sectors, the quality of packaging materials and hygiene standards are of utmost importance. Our company is a pioneer in the production and design of packaging products used in these sectors. Plastic food packaging, in particular, must be durable, reliable, and hygienic. Additionally, it should be easy and practical to use.


Hight Quality Products

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